Consulting / Coaching Services

We will be happy to set an appointment to do a complete assessment for an initial investment of $150.00. This first step will take approximately 2 hours. You will receive a diagnosis and a list of options to determine what is the best customize program for you. Coaching services have a three-month minimum.

Available Trainings

  • Self-Discovery for the Real You (personality and leadership assessment)
  • Reinventing Yourself for today’s world
  • Focus Your Life and Live your Focus
  • Team Building for Effective Change
  • Time Management to achieve your dreams
  • Balancing Skills for a healthy you
  • Making Decisions that bring results
  • Body Language, the Unspoken Word
  • Critical thinking skills to get things done
  • Creativity for intellectual flexibility
  • Emotional and Happy Intelligence for success
  • Coalition Building for Change